Our people are our greatest asset


From recent college grads to executive directors, we create individual development plans so our people work in a structured environment that supports personal and professional growth.

We run regular training for both groups and individuals.

We reward and recognize good work.

We work hard to ensure the chemistry of our teams reflects that of the client.

We are the leader in the industry because our people make so much positive change happen everyday.

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Grow With Us

There is so much to learn about the media industry, and one of the reasons Starcom employees excel is because they are given the opportunity to grow in a personally enriching work environment that encourages them to continually develop skills to advance their careers.

From the beginning, associates are immersed in an industry-renowned program, which helps them gain the necessary knowledge to connect with people in meaningful ways. New associates complete in-depth media training, which includes coursework, seminars, symposiums, workshops, guided discussions, presentations and learning forums to facilitate associates becoming the best and brightest in the industry.

Associates continue their professional development through the Employee Development Program, gaining experience and skills via a series of assignments in activation, client and specialty groups. With the right business opportunities, professional experience, and outstanding performance, an associate can progress to supervisor, associate director, and finally, to director. The Employee Development Program enables associates to learn both the theoretical world of strategy and the analytical world of activation at the associate, supervisor and associate director positions. We were the first media agency to recognize the importance of this cross-training, and we continue to attract top talent with these professional development opportunities.

Grow with Us

Development Programs



Context is the start-up in the SMG. It is the first trip for all who enter the SMG. A trip planning by industry media and communications.



Ignite program is on-going at SMG. It’s there every moment of career development and focuses on building capacity and develop the final product. This program is suitable for all different professional levels.