We Make Space for Ideas

Starcom is building on its tradition as the leading media agency to become a Space for Ideas, ready for a world where human experience is the name of the game.

What does that mean?

The people at Starcom have historically been the industry’s foremost innovators in the paid media space, working with the world’s biggest marketers to understand consumers and strategically place billions of dollars to put ads in front of the right people in the right place at the right time. At one point in time, you would have said we were the top planners and buyers in the game.

But the game has changed.

Now we’re the best human experience experts in the game. We don’t just buy placements; we use our best-in-class human understanding resources and connections across all media to create experiences people value. We are a human experience company, and we succeed by creating the Space for Ideas.

We do this not only by creating brilliant ideas but by nurturing them with our clients and agency partners. This enables those ideas to leave a lasting impression in the most important space – peoples’ minds.

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At Starcom, human understanding is at the center of everything we do. We believe that if we understand people’s motivations, passions and behavior, we can unearth and invent new ways to connect with them on meaningful levels. We are in constant pursuit of what people care about, who they connect with and how they see themselves.




What does our human experience expertise mean for clients? It means that we have unprecedented creative and data-driven resources to provide you with the most simple and meaningful human understanding in real-time. It means we have the talent, systems, tools and skills to turn insights into human experiences that live where they provide the most value to people. It means that our primary advantage is to monitor what’s new in the world, find opportunities and help them move the needle for our brands.

What does our human experience expertise mean for our people? It means they’re trained in media strategy and media experience, with the potential to grow their knowledge in any aspect of human experience and understanding—mobile, social, consumer research, technology, data visualization, video, local… and the list goes on. Our people use this experience in service of the brands you see in your neighborhood, living room and screens every day.

What does our human experience expertise mean for our audiences? It means that people get more than just a message to look at. It means they get a brand experience that gives them conversation, community, currency or some other form of value in exchange for their interest.